Happy belated birthday, my beloved country.
There’s so much that I dislike about you. And yet like a reluctant child, I am afraid of letting go of your strings. Yes, as much as I gripe about you, you hold so many memories dear to me that I cannot imagine a life without you.

You are not just about the frenzied rat race. You are not just about the escalating costs of living and ceiling high housing prices. You are not just about rote learning and memorisation. You are not just about arbitrary laws and regulations that strangle the everyday people. You are not just about being ruthless and cold and unfeeling. You are not just about the destination, ignoring the journey. You are not just about the uncomfortable humidity and heat, forcing us to turn into an air-conditioned nation.

There’s so much more to you, if only you could just allow your people to make their own decisions and live their lives.

I love you but sometimes, you make it so hard for me to want to love you.
May there be many 43 years ahead to come.

NDP 2007
NDP 2006
NDP 2005
NDP 2004

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