My porky chop

Just to recap: my little buddy Rai was born three weeks ahead of his due date. He was teeny tiny, at just a little over 2kg.

Exhibit A:

Rai at Day 1

Exhibit B:

Sleeping buddy at 1 week old

He was so fragile and so tiny! Aww.

10 weeks on, he’s no longer that tiny. In fact, he’s positively chubby.

Exhibit C:

Dad and his mini me

What a little porky chop! Those cheeks! They look like they can hold a week’s worth of food.

I really love my little buddy. He’s turning out to be such a sweet-natured and lovely baby. He doesn’t cry very much nor does he fuss often. Sometimes, he’d give a yell but stop yelling when you wave your hands in front of his face and talk to him. He’s a greedy little bugger too, wolfing down his bottle like there’s no tomorrow. I guess that’s why his cheeks have ballooned.

Uncle Jimmy is boring. Yawn.
Tiny foot

More on the life of Rai here.

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  1. baby Rai is just utter perfection….these photos are making my ovaries sigh. There’s this biological reaction when it comes to women and babies which I think the men don’t get…I wish they did. They just smell sooo good for one.

  2. Corsage – yes, I am so amazed at how fast he’s become the chubster. Super adorable! But not as cool as Bubbles’ rockstar hair previously. ;)

    Joy – Oh I think it might have landed in my spam folder and deleted by accident. Can you resend please?

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