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  1. So fast u started ur IVF? I have to wait till July to start it… I just cant wait… Wish u all the best, I am sure u will win this time round.

  2. Hi Rustyslave *waves*
    Yes, just started. Good thing about private practice, I guess. Don’t have to wait in line. Thank you and please keep me updated of your journey! :)

  3. When were ur 2WW starts? In the meantime while I am waiting… I am going to see TCM to “diao” my body. I have been sick this few weeks… Jiao You!!

  4. ER should be mid-end of next week so last two weeks of May will be my 2WW.
    Take care of yourself! And yes, good idea to go TCM first before July, so that you will be fully prepared. Good luck!

  5. Yup! I’m on antagonist protocol so it is about 2 weeks shorter than the typical down-regulation protocol, where you are on Lucrin for 2 weeks before stimulation. I go straight into stimulation so the whole process takes about 4 weeks.

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