Christmas @ east end

This year, Christmas has come a little later to east end.

We’ve been both so busy, our weekends have been completely booked solid in November and December. It’s just madness, really. Where has the year gone?

Another reason why we are a little tardy with the tree is because we decided to do away with our fake plastic tree and get a real pine one from Ikea. The fake tree was driving us up the wall: setting up was a pain, it was dusty and disgusting from the previous year and it kept shedding even though it wasn’tĀ alive. Gah!

The real thing only arrived in Ikea at the start of December and we had it delivered around mid-month. And then we were so swamped, we took a while to put up the decorations.

So here you go, a little slice of Christmas in our home.

Christmas has finally come home to us.

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  1. Aww your home is so pretty!

    I really wanted to get a real tree this year too – they just look so much more beautiful. But I obviously didn’t get round to it. This year we’ll have a cardboard table-top tree. haha.

  2. Your home is all decked out in Christmas cheer! :) This could have been the year where we got a real Christmas tree here in Geneva but we were too lazy to get one.. actually we were worried about how we were going to dispose the tree after the holidays..

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