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Bridget Jones, hurrah!

I am a total fan of Bridget Jones.

In fact, sometimes, I think that the book was written for me. Yeah call me egoistic. But I can seriously identify with her neurotic thoughts and insecurity.

But anyway, that’s not the point. The point is, Bridget has a gay best friend named Tom and I have a gay (half, anyway) best friend (well, close enough) too. And so, whenever I chat with him on the phone, both of us moaning and groaning about how unattractive we feel and then bitching about common enemies to drive away the gloom, I feel like Bridget talking to Tom. I especially love bitching whenever I am with him. Somehow, we can both weave the most outrageous story and ridiculous dialogue around that poor unfortunate soul (well, actually, they probably deserve it hah) and then dissolve into peals of laughter. We are truly amazed at how clever we are to come up with such zany plots (and songs, in his case).

I am Bridget!
Except that I am 22, not 32.
Except that I am a UK6 (an occasional Mango UK4) and not UK12/14.
I don’t smoke. Don’t drink (not enough money). Don’t have my own apartment (Ditto money).
I’m not very likely to wear a bunny suit to a Tarts and Vicars party.
And my mum is not very likely to run away with a sexy Portuguese.
And no sexy Daniel Cleaver is going to be interested in the absence of my skirt.

Now, all I need is Shazzer and Jude to complete my life. And I can so totally see Ash as my Shazzer, the vindictive man-hater. I can just imagine her yelling at the top of her voice, drunk, “Down with emotional f***wittage!”

Oh, and a darling Mark Darcy wouldn’t hurt either.