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Junk blogs

Was reading through the this very interesting article on blogging today (and no, I wasn’t skiving) and was pretty amused by its contents.

My initial intention was to unearth an article by John Dvorak of PC Magazine, one that is described as “universally panned” by blog circles. In it, he blasted people who started blogs as ego-gratification and stated his opinion that most blogs were full of crap. Anyway, instead of that (in)famous article, I found this one instead, on Wired News.

Now, I admit that sometimes I post crap on my bloggie. I post things that I feel. My point is, so what if people post crap on their blogs? So what if I don’t generate hits from the external world, a world of strangers who are intrigued/interested in what I am writing? My intention in starting a blog was never about getting famous – it was a creative outlet for me to express my feelings and opinions. Besides, it does get a bit boring since the only coherent things that I type at work (nowadays, anyway) are: “Dear XXX, Internet security blah blah blah. YYY from ABC Company is holding a tea/lunch at DEF Hotel blah blah blah”. It’s boring, inane.

So what if I don’t post informative nuggets of news, spectacular and sensational information or helpful and useful advice? So what if my blog looks boring? Hell, to wilfully misquote a song, “it’s my blog and I’ll write what I want to”.

So there.