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The dumbest people on Earth

Believe me, there are such idiots hanging around on Earth, making themselves the butt(s) of all the jokes. I suspect that even the little Martians (alright, they may not be little and I am stereotyping) on the Red Planet are laughing themselves to extinction.< So where will you get to know about these doofuses? They are well documented in this CNET article. Here you will read about a man who was so frustrated with his laptop that he shot it with a gun (yes, a gun) before realising that he had important data saved on it. Well, he obviously wasn’t using an Apple Machine. Yes, I am definitely smirking.

There’s another dumb-dumb who threw his laptop out of the window when he found out that the police was going after him. And the best (in my opinion) story is the following: A man riding a moped dropped his laptop without realising it until after it got flattened by a lorry.

Go figure man.