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Lessons from (pseudo) NY

So here I am, sitting at my computer at 1am in the morning when I have to go to work tomorrow. I could have gone off to bed earlier on but I just had to catch up on one of my favourite shows in the whole world – Sex and the City.

Despite its racy name and even racier reputation, this is one show that is not just about sex, sex and sex. And oh yeah, did I mention the men and the troubled relationships? But seriously, there are lessons to be learnt from this show and it’s not the 1001 sex positions flyer that Samantha bought for a dollar fifty from a man selling it on a corner street.

The first episode of the fourth season (I think I never did finish season three, things just got in the way) was about Carrie, Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, celebrating her 35th birthday. It struck a chord in me because I was just sitting there and thinking, if I am a single in Singapore at the grand old age of 35, would I have a bunch of girlfriends to celebrate it with me and tell me that they are my soulmates and hence succeeding in an area where no man has ever accomplished?

And speaking of soulmates, is there really someone out there for everyone? If you have loved someone before but it didn’t work out, does it mean that he was not the one and therefore the one (this is starting to sound like The Matrix) is still out there in the world? Does it really work that way?

And if my mother were to die one day (I don’t even want to think about it), would my friends come for the funeral and stand by my side, holding my hand without my asking them to? Would they come rescue me when I have a crick in my neck and absolutely cannot move my body? Would they come over to my place with milk and oreos in the dead of the night to help me exorcise my ghosts?

Can we ever forgive and forget? And if we cannot forget, is it ever possible to simply forgive and then move on and start afresh? Or will we end up punishing the other person subconsciously?

Would I ever find someone who would try to help me save my Mac if it dies on me suddenly and then buy me a new iBook and a zip drive to back up my data? Even if he uses a PC and only knows how to use ControlAltDelete? Would he be able to love my friends and help them the way I would?

Suddenly, these are issues that are not just reel and fictitious but things which seem so real and so reality-like.

And then I wonder – would I be able to stand up and walk again after falling flat on my face in front of hundreds of people, the way Carrie did?

I guess I already have.