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Local Divas

Just went to M Hotel’s J Bar to catch the launch of local jazz talent, Claressa Monteiro‘s new album, Words Can’t Describe.

It is without a doubt that she is one of the more talented singers of our local scene. However, as a matter of personal preference, I don’t find her singing or style particularly stunning. I would describe her as good but not fantastic.

I can’t help but compare Ms Monteiro with Norah Jones, whom I had the immense pleasure of catching live at the Raffles City Convention Centre about half a year ago. Norah Jones managed to cultivate a sense of rapport with the audience even though she was seated behind the piano most of the time. Plus, her voice quality is warm and mellow, with a richness and fullness that I enjoyed (sounds like an ad for milk).

On the other hand, Ms Monteiro’s voice sounded a little flat and thin at times. The acoustics did not help, with the live band drowning her voice out occasionally and she has a tendency to mumble into the microphone. It’s kinda difficult to decipher what she is singing at times.

But hey, she’s a real good start and it’s really wonderful that a local singer has managed to go as far as she has so here’s wishing her all the best.

Another local singing sensation that I totally love is Corrinne May. Her debut album, Corrinne May is breathtaking. Her lyrices are poignant and touching and her voice, warm and inviting. She is one of my favourite singers of all time.

And so, it is with an acute sense of excitment that I await her concert at the Esplanade Recital Hall on December 26 this year, Music for Superheroes. Do go and catch her live if you can and show some support for our local artistes! I have heard that she is fantastic when singing live and I can’t wait to be there.