The organised chaos

Money – the universal language

As Abba was smart enough to realise, money is what you would need to play in this rich man’s world.

Well, lest I get chided for being materialistic, greedy and coldhearted (sniff), let me explain myself.

Hey, I do believe in the greater values of love, freedom, happiness and peace. I place my faith in that I would be a better person should I possess all these values and more.

But really, can freedom let me go to Choir Olympics 2004 in Bremen with my choir?
I don’t think so. I hardly have the pennies to go Bintan/KL with my friends, let alone travel in Europe for a couple of weeks (alright, it’s more like four weeks) in July next year, after I graduate from university.

You see, I have always had this fascination with Europe, fuelled by my first trip to Pohlheim, Germany back in 1999 with Victoria Junior College Choir. The picture perfect rows of houses, the spaciousness, the wondrous cool weather and getting my hands warmed, and singing at a town square amongst flying pigeons. And my desire to go back has not lessen in the least by the passing of time.

But I have just realised that for four miserable nights’ stay in Bremen (that’s in Germany), I have to cough up almost SGD400. And that’s for a standard twin room. You might as well ask me to cough up blood, that would be immensely easier. Multiply that by five (for 20 days’ worth of accommodation), it will be almost SGD2,000. Add in air tickets (another SGD1,500+++++++) and food and transport and we can see where we are heading towards.< Bankruptcy.

And that's even before I step into the corporate world. Hell of a start.

Well, since I do not belong to that kind of family where I can simply stick my hands out, tell Mummy and Daddy dearest that I wanna go on holiday and get the money, I’ll have to think of ways and means to finance my dream tour of the great European cities. Or not go at all.

In the meantime, if you would like to donate to my cause, feel free to let me know. Otherwise, if you do “see” certain numbers in your dreams, tell me about it and make me a rich millionaire.