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No oral sex please, we are Christians

Well well well, it seems that after the big hooha over whether oral sex is legal in Singapore or not, the next big institution has decided to come up with their point of view. The Church.

Let me first point out that I am not against Christianity or any religion in general. I respect religious people and I respect their faiths and beliefs. But I do feel very strongly about people who overstep the boundaries of the private and public realm and preach about things which are baseless and inane.

In this article written by a presumably husband-and-wife team from Saint Andrew’s Cathedral, the writers proclaim that oral sex is perverse. Their charge is that firstly, by indulging in oral sex, women are deprived of natural sex and hence, not allowed to have their pleasure. In addition, women dislike the taste of semen in their mouths but are forced to endure it because they are persuaded by the men.

What I would like to point out is that it seems that for most people, oral sex and sex are complementary, not mutually exclusive. For some, oral sex is considered foreplay. And then again, there is the matter of taste. Oral sex is like asparagus – some like it and some don’t. It’s too sweeping a statement to say that women do not like oral sex.

Another point that they made is that the use of our mouths is specifically for eating and not for perverse acts such as oral sex. Also, as homosexuals are deemed to perform oral sex, Christians would do well not to copy such acts.

I never expect to read such religious bigotry in this age and time. Sex is an intensely private and intimate matter between two people, it’s not up to individuals to decide that they are in the capacity to preach about what’s right and what’s wrong. If two consenting adults, married or otherwise (but let’s draw the line at adultery), are happy with whatever arrangements they have, then nobody should have the right to encroach into their private realm. There is a time and place to be religious and fervent, this is not it. Rather than frown over such trivial issues, the Church should do what they are supposed to do – go spread some love. Feed the orphans. Talk to the Muslims/Buddhists/Hindus/etc about religious co-existence. Campaign for AIDS patients in the Third World countries to have access to cheaper medication. Reach out to disabled people. Oral sex simply pales in comparison to the more urgent issues that dog the world now.

Disclaimer: I am not against religion. I believe in, and respect, all religions that exist in this world. I am definitely not an Atheist. Amen.

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