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The Return of The King & I

No no, it’s not the sequel of the famous show The King and I. It’s more of a reference to the show I have been waiting for one whole year and my journey back to the Internet world.

Aragorn, the manly King!

Yes!!! I can’t believe I have finally caught the last instalment of LOTR after so long. *sobs* Although I thought that the pace was a little too fast for my liking (it did feel as if director Peter Jackson was running out of time), it was nonetheless a fitting end to a trilogy that had woven itself into the audience’s hearts and minds.

As usual, Lego-less was given the chance to do some acrobatics and flung himself here and there without disturbing a single light-coloured follicle on his head. Tsk tsk, as if. He did look very pretty though, at Aragorn’s (ahhhhh!!!) coronation, with that little braid at his forehead. And at that moment, I would have given anything to be in Arwen’s place.

Personally, I preferred Aragorn as the Ranger than King of Gondor. His hair style was rather weird during the last battle scene, kind of like he wanted to straighten it but changed his mind half way and then decided to tie some of it up. Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow!

My wish for Christmas this year – a chance to watch the LOTR marathon! Failing which, a manly Aragorn would do nicely, thank you.

Up in freezing Genting

Yes, for the past week, I was up at the Mount Gloom, with my nose and ass threatening to drop off due to frostbite. It was freezing (to me) and even my chic trench coat did not manage to protect me from the bitter cold. At least I had the chance to wear it without looking like an idiot.

Anyway, I was up there helping Nelson with the 21st Century International Choral festival. We really worked our butts off, waking up before 7 and going to bed after 12 almost every night.

But it was a pretty interesting experience, working on the other side of the scene for once. And this event really opened up my eyes, it showed me that the Singapore choral scene has really developed rapidly and Chorale is the one that has been left behind. I can safely say that even NUS Choir and the Vocal Consort are miles ahead of us.

It really pains me to come to this conclusion that we have really not made much improvements while other choirs have improved in leaps and bounds. And what is worse is that there isn’t an authoritative person/body in Chorale who can assess the situation and do something to solve the problem. Sometimes, I wonder what the executive committee is there for, it seems to me that they are now merely there to do logistic and administrative work. In that case, who is going to do the job of looking forward and preparing for Chorale to move on? Are they interested?

And then there is the politicking involved. I came up with an idea of having an Orientation Camp in January and am hence willing to organise it. But am I supposed to, since I am not in the exco (due to the fact that I will go crazy when stressed so beware *smirks*)? There will be some people who will think that I am trying to usurp their places, trying to go beyond the boundaries of my duties, trying to ingratiate my way into exco (duh).

So, should I or should I not?