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Ode to Aragorn

Oh my darling Aragorn
The noblest of kings to be born
He’s so strong, brave and manly
That I find myself loving him totally

Although he seems in need of a shower
He is still my heart’s desire
Curly wurly may be his messy hair
Still better looking is he than Lego-less fair

O he is so manly and rugged
And definitely not at all a fagot
Whether wielding his sword or atop his horse
He shows everyone who’s the boss

There seems to be no other
Who can ever be braver
In the face of danger
Instilling courage in those who waver

He knew he was to die challenging Sauron
No, this man is not a moron
But he ploughed on selflessly
Believing Frodo’s cause was more important than he can be

And yet he is no male chauvinist pig
Though his devoted love Eowyn seeks
Kindly he rejects her affection
For Arwen Evenstar is his only passion

If ever were I to marry
It could only be he
For who could ever take his place
Aragorn Elessar, so full of grace