To Dawna and Xuhao

I am typing this in the comfort of my room. One hitch though – a stupid beetle is buzzing around me and I am living in mortal fear that the stupid insect will head straight for my face. I beat around me desperately, trying to dissuade it from smacking me in the face (these things are hard – I once had one on the back of my shirt and when I laid in my soft and cosy bed, it actually poked me and it hurt).

Anyway, the main point of this is not about annoying beetles but a mini tribute (sort of) to two of my close friends – Dawn and Joker. Now, I’ve known them since my JC days and we’ve really come a long way. Dawn is like a best friend to me and Joker is like a brother (but when quizzed, he’ll probably say that we’re not close but just okay, haha). As their perpetual third wheel (I get asked rudely to haul my ass out of his car but naturally, I don’t), I have had the chance to observe this pair of halflings at work.

Theirs is a story that many thought was predictable. Afterall, how many relationships that began in JC actually last? But they proved the cynics wrong and they seemed to grow stronger as a couple over the years.

They are both independent people and not the clingy, obssessive type. They give each other space and yet enjoy each other’s company whenever they can. They share laughs together and don’t mind doing silly things. They are open with each other and share their opinions, not expecting the other party to change. They accept each other wholeheartedly and willingly. Best of all, they are not the exclusive kind of couple who make you feel like you are invisible (therefore, uncomfortable) whenever you are in their presence (that’s why I like to hang out with them).

I know that they are not the perfect couple and frankly, the perfect couple would be a bit boring. But I am really proud of them and I am happy that they have beaten the odds and stayed together for so long (and probably will for the rest of their lives). In fact, I would probably be the happiest person after their parents at their wedding**. Why, I might even cry.

They have shown me that it takes effort on both parties’ part to maintain a relationship and I am glad that they have done it. When disgusted with hypocritical Singaporean men (or man), I only have to look at them and believe that all is not lost yet.

I want to thank them both for their loving friendship and for showing me what love really is. I love you guys! *hugs*

**PS Does it mean that I will get an angpow of $8,888 at your wedding??