Wedding bells a’ringing

I received the loveliest surprise today – my JC classmate, Kei, is actually getting married this coming December!
Well, technically, she is already married, having ROM-ed last year. And she is moving into her new place this week. I am so happy for her!

A little background on our friendship: we were classmates during JC and were part of a group of crazy slackers. We used to get so surprised at seeing each other during lessons because those events were rare. Both of us belonged to the breed of students who didn’t believe in travelling for something as miserable as lessons. Somehow, when she was in school, I wasn’t and vice versa. The likelihood of us turning up for classes together were made even smaller as we only shared one common subject in our second year.

But I always had a great time with Kei. We usually enjoyed doing silly things together. There was this inane conversation that we used to have about going to the loo and it goes like this –

Me: I want to go to the T
Kei: Because I want to pee
Me & Kei: So let’s go to the T to pee!
Cue guffaws

Totally ridiculous but hey, we were only 17/18.
And now we are 23 and she’s married. How time flies! Admittedly, we both lost touch for the past four years since graduating from JC but somehow, it still feels great to talk to her. There was no awkwardness and everything was just so natural.

I am so happy for her and Bernard. They are just so sweet together. She used to tell me that they never fought because they just couldn’t be bother to lose their temper and both being easygoing people, were able to give in to each other. And for her birthday once (or some occasion like that), he acually bought her her own microphone (Kei is a singer). They are that sweet.

Am totally looking forward to their wedding in December! Whee!