Sunset Boulevard

I’m on a roll here so here are more pictures.
Was at Sentosa on Friday evening and had the chance to observe and photograph a lovely sunset, reminiscent of Hawaii.
So am going to pretend that I was at some exotic island in the Caribbean rather than Sentosa.


I have stupid friends…..

…..and that’s why I love them!

Because we can all do stupid things together.

Below are two cases in point:

Kissing Gurami

Nearly puked out my dinner when I saw this picture. Somehow not surprising, coming from this pair of idiotic best friends.

Indian Dance

That’s D and I attempting to look like Indian dancers. We actually look pretty good, don’t we?


Happy Birthday!

Am extremely pleased this weekend because two of my pals are celebrating their birthdays! Both exceptional members of the pathetic Singaporean Male species, they have been wonderful friends and are the shining light of their species.

So here’s wishing them happy 26th and 21st birthdays respectively!