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No eye for taste

Singaporean men have the worst taste ever.
I am serious.
After watching MediaCorp 5’s “reality” show, Eye for a Guy, I am convinced that Singaporean men are stupid and sex-crazy. How else would you account for the 10 men who are vying for the affections of one FHM “babe”?

As Julie Andrews said, let’s start at the very beginning.

In this show, touted to be Singapore’s answer to ABC’s highly popular The Bachelorette, 10 men are to slug it out for the heart of Singapore’s representative at the FHM Bikini Heaven, Rachel Lee. She is supposed to be intelligent, gorgeous, sweet and have a fantastic body to boot.

All I can say is, after yawning through barely 15 minutes of it, this show is stupid, stupid and stupid.

First of all, the fair lady comes across as having a personality of an empty glass. Which means, she has none. She is as bland as distilled water. In real life, she might be vivacious or charming or outgoing. Whatever. In this show, she exhibits no traits that I would call discerning or even noticeable. When a guy gave her a portrait of her that he had drawn (doesn’t that sound suspiciously like Ryan Sutter writing a poem for Trista Rehn?), her reaction was a plastic smile and, “Oh. Thanks. That was very sweet.”

Maybe I was too used to thinking of Trista as the Bachelorette, which would mean that it’s not Ms Lee’s fault that I am panning her now. Trista is funny, warm and cute. Ms Lee is boring and lacks facial emotions. At least Trista had a reaction for everything that happened to her. All this local babe can do is smile. And I’m sorry but is she supposed to be beautiful? Because she doesn’t do a thing for me. If the producers had chosen someone like Junita Simon, it would have made so much more sense.

Granted, that girl has a fantastic figure. Nice perky big boobs, luscious curves, long slender legs. Move your view a little higher over her neck and the sense of expectation that you have just falls flat on your face. And then she opens her mouth and you just want to turn sadly and walk away. And well, seeing all these men “fighting” over her just leaves me much perturbed.

Let’s move on to the men now. Can someone tell them that dissing their rivals off on national TV is so not cool? I swear that these men are bitchier than the whole of the female population of Singapore combined. Being sneaky and telling the lady that all your rivals can think about is sex is not gentlemanly. Having your words bleeped out on screen is not funny. And although it’s really sweet dear, passionately declaring that you are happy to look stupid (while acting out the frog song) just to see the lady smile (her plastic smile) is worth it, doesn’t make you come across as SNAG. Your rivals know it and you know it.

As Singapore’s counterpart to The Bachelorette, I can only say that MediaCorp 5 has failed miserably. The men in the show were impeccably dressed and well-mannered. The mansion that they lived in takes my breath away. They travelled in style, in elegant limousines. What do we have? A chalet which, frankly, looks messy. A SUV that seemed to be crammed with men. Men who have rather bad dress sense. The glam factor is just not there.

The show pained me so much that after 15 minutes (inclusive of advertisements), I just had to switch it off. Local TV just isn’t working. And they are persecuting us for downloading foreign films and programmes to watch on our computers?