Little Miss Shopaholic, The organised chaos

There she goes…

…falling flat onto her face.

Yes, that’s me

I, Queen of Klutzes, Mistress of Shopping, Princess of Imagination. I fell flat on my face today, landing right at the feet of an idiotic Engineering geek. Who did not help me up (that bas****). Who merely grinned amusedly at me. Damnit, why couldn’t I at least have the dignity of tripping in front of a cute and chivalrous dude?

As I am typing this now, I am making small, whining noises, appalled at the pain that my kneecaps are giving me and the humiliation of it all.

So my only conclusion is that I am Becky Bloomwood and Bridget Jones combined….without the men. Committing faux pas everywhere I go. Being the source of people’s amusement at every occasion. Sees people walking towards me carrying Mango shopping bags during sales and go berserk, obsessing that they bought things which I like and actually fit me. Whine constantly to my (sometimes gay) friends. Need to develop inner poise (and stop doing unglamorous things like falling flat on my face).

Sigh. I need a Luke Brandon or a Mark Darcy. Or both.

I have discovered that I have a forte for not completing my exams. Did that for Media Law and Ethics, did that today for Psychology of Communication. Goodbye 40 marks! Hello unemployment!