The organised chaos

A chapter closes

Today is the last day that I can officially call myself a student.

Yes, after four eventful long years, I have finally taken the last paper of my life. I have the blister on my thumb to prove that I tried to go out with a bang. But as usual, silly me did not finish the paper again. Hee.

Well, what can I say? It’s been a damn long four years. So much has happened since the day I stepped into CS (one week later than everyone else as I was in Austria for Choir Olympics). I went in there as an naive, 19-year-old girl with a boyfriend, and emerged as a slightly battle-worn 23-year-old single gal. And I find that I like it better this way.

I know it sounds weird, who would prefer to go through a breakup? But now as I look back, I know that it’s probably the best thing that has happened to me in these four years. And I am glad that it did.

These past four months went by so fast that I can hardly believe it. In many ways, I wish that they could be longer, that I can have the chance to live 36-hour days rather than the short and bittersweet 24.

This semester has been life-altering in many ways. Got to know acquaintances better, got to know me better, got to know who the people who will be there for me when I am down. If I had a chance to relive the past four years, I definitely would.

So many memories, so many “what ifs”, so many “if onlys”. But it’s all over. This chapter is now closed. Officially.

How do I feel then?

I don’t know. Think I will probably find out later, once I have had my needed dose of sleep (after moving my desk around, I am kinda tired).