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Lazy days no more


The past week has just been incredible.

Am still trying to come to terms with my unemployed status and the fact that I am not a student anymore. But it just feels like a big holiday to me, and I feel as if I am going back to school come July.

Kill Bill on his 50 First Dates

After our last paper on Tuesday, I was overcome with a mix of emotions that I could not identify. It’s not anything that I have felt before. Sure, we all have taken our last papers in schools before but this time, it’s for real. No longer can I hide under the shelter of being a student, it’s time to face the big bad world out there.

But thankfully, the romantic comedy 50 First Dates helped me regain some of my sanity. It was hilarious and I have to say, Rob Schneider is such a gem. Laughter rang out throughout the theatre every time he appeared on the screen.

I must make a confession here – I cried during the movie. I know, the show totally lacks social realism but hey, which girl wouldn’t want to have a man like Henry Roth who tries to damn hard to win the love of his loved one everyday?

Since we were all a little crazy that day, we decided to do an excitation transfer and indulge in another movie – Kill Bill Vol. 2. It was such a masterpiece – Quentin Tarantino is brilliant. Pai Mei made me giggle madly, especially in the way he smirks and flicks his silly white beard. The ending was a little unexpected and as a reviewer mentioned, ultimately the show seems like a chick flick. Not going to say more here in case there are those who haven’t watched it yet but hey, it’s a must-watch!

“Do it” at Wala-wala

Chalked up fun points yesterday. Hee.

The day started sleepily enough, since I had to go to school to hand up my GE reviews. Mr Stead was a sweetie, as always, and he enthused about our writing so much so that I felt much better about the crap that I had churned out the night before.

After that, caught the guffaw-inducing Starsky & Hutch with the guys. I loved the show, especially Ben Stiller! Have a thing for retro stuff and the show just rocks. Huggy Bear! The cars, the music and the props……awesome. The appearance of the original Starsky & Hutch at the end was such a nice touch.

Went shopping for toy guns/swords (“schwingggg!”) for tonight’s party after that. Some smarty pants happily bought masks, only to realise that they can’t wear them cos they wear spectacles. Hohoho, Merry Christmas.

Headed down to Wala-wala after that (pics here) and after the initial cooling down (I was darn tired and beer doesn’t help), it was back to crappy times again! And as usual, the klutz struck again and she cleverly spilt beer all over Kenny (sorry!). Sigh. When will the girl ever learn to be more glamorous? No wonder she is of a buddy more than a girl.

Okiez, think it’s timeout for me now. Need to ransack the wardrobe for some ideas on which murderous character to go as for tonight’s party, hee. I shall end off with the best advice I have heard in the last two days,

“Do it!!”

The organised chaos

The female buddy

There are girls. And there are girls.

But not all girls are seen as girls by the boys.

To boys, these girls are their friends, almost one-of-their own. In short, they see these girls are not really girls. These girls are buddies.

Buddies are different from girls. Girls are chicks that they desire. As girls walk by them, swishing their skirts, boys turn their heads and think to themselves, here’s somebody I want to date. They glance admiringly at girls and those who are either courageous or desperate enough will actually try to make the transition from being “friends” to being in love. If not, they resign themselves to gazing from afar, enjoying the sweet torment of their longing.

When it comes to buddies, things get a little simpler. Buddies are buddies. They hang out together. They sit around and drink beer and talk whatever nonsense that buddies talk about. They watch soccer matches together and cheer/curse loudly, depending on the situation at hand. They go for movies together and laugh simultaneously at the rude jokes. They don’t bother with dressing up with one another – afterall, they are buddies.

Sometimes, I think I belong to the latter category of girls. Among all my male friends, I am a buddy. We enjoy one another’s company. We make fun of one another. We end up doing and saying stupid things because hey, that’s what buddies do. We are not afraid of embarrassing ourselves in front of one another. Sometimes, things get a bit adventurous and we might end up at the old Changi Hospital looking for ghosts and then going for prata.

I enjoy being buddies with them. It’s always a lot of fun being part of the group. But sometimes, I just wonder if that’s how people see me.

Just a buddy.