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Words, words, words

Day Two of Jubilate has come and gone.

I like busy days.
Even though they tire me out physically, being busy keeps me on my toes and more importantly, it stops me from thinking.

Recently, someone close to me made the decision to break up with her partner. On paper, he was everything a girl would need – independent, caring, financially and emotionally stable, easy going etc. But she gave it up despite all his qualities. Her explanation was that she didn’t feel the same connection with him as she did with her ex-boyfriend. If she never does find the same intense chemistry in another man, then so be it.

That was like a flash of lightning striking my brain. All of a sudden, questions are racing across my mind and a cacophony of voices are speaking in my head, all of them saying different things.

Was that the right thing to do?
Was it too idealistic?
Isn’t it better to be loved than to love?
Is this idea of “chemistry” a myth or something of a miracle?
Should the one you love most be the one who loves you most?
Is he, ideally, the one you should be with?
Does he even exist?

So many questions.
So little answers.

It must be the late night talking.

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7 thoughts on “Words, words, words”

  1. erm okay. imagine this. you’ve just eaten the best ice cream in the world… but now the shop’s closed down and you won’t get to eat it again. so does this mean you’re not going to keep eating ice cream? cos it’s no longer?

    my point is that it’s not fair to compare all other ice creams to the old you used to like… cos it’s never coming back!!! hahaha


  2. How do u possibly knoe that’s the definite best ice cream shop in the world? Have u tried ALL of the shops in the world? For all u knoe, the best could be around the corner…


  3. yar..and perhaps the best ice cream shop in the world does not exist at the moment …should one keep waiting for it ? …think ur fren just made a choice not to settle for “second best “…but the good/bad news is, eventually she will compromise as most of us does and convinced herself the one she eventually settles on is the best. It is just too hard to be alone to wait for THE ONE.


  4. sorry if that sounds like a reproach..its not..realised i sounded a bit harsh..just thinkg out loud..esp the last sentence..i often tot about how many couples really believe the other half is THE ONE ( a mysterious term ) …. what are the chances of so many couples finding out THE ONE in a sea of pple ? …will stop it… sour grapes *grinz*


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