The organised chaos

The trouble with communication

We learnt in school that the best type of communication to have is a two-way one. This is when the communicator will communicate his message to the audience, who will process the message and then feedback to the communicator.

But in life, the best method might not necessary be the method in use. And that is apparent in chorale now.

Jubilate was a big scare and a wake up call for us. As someone mentioned, he could practically hear the fear in our voices. If we had been confident of the singing, what should we be fearful about? It just exposes the fact that we are not as confident of our songs and our singing as we should be, with merely three weeks to Choir Olympics. It’s a disturbing thought – afterall, I am not flying all the way to Germany just to reprise the scenario of 2000, where we came back with two silvers, our heads hanging shamefully and our egos busted. We should be focusing on the thought of getting golds at this point. Do we really need a pep talk from our assistant conductors to push ourselves in that direction? We are all adults here, we should know exactly what our goal is.

Today’s session with Jonathan Velasco was interesting also, in that it brought up another problem – rapport. Maybe we haven’t been working with the Man for a while but the certainly was no chemistry between the singers and the Man. He complained that we do not follow him but most of the time, it’s also because we don’t exactly know what it is that he wants out of us. In the three weeks that follow, we need to learn to listen and talk to him as much as he needs to do it with us. And it’s no small task, mending rifts and changing attitudes.

Hopefully, with everyone’s 100% commitment and hard work, we can get the gold medals that eluded our grasp four years ago. It’s been a long wait.


That’s my major and one would assume that it’s what I do best. But it’s not. Sometimes, I know what needs to be said but I confuse myself and can’t decide what is best for the situation. It makes me feel like a procrastinator.

Why can’t I just learn to trust myself?

Why do I worry worries which may or may not come to life?

Perhaps I need to listen to my heart more and think less.

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