The organised chaos

Summertime, and the living is easy

Life is good.

Not only do I have a job offer, which has good terms and sounds vaguely interesting, I seemed to have aced my writing test. Was asked to go for an interview next week, although I am still not exactly sure which position they are putting me. Will call HR tomorrow and check. Wish me luck!

Will be going to Germany in two weeks’ time and I can’t wait! Imagine the summer sales that are awaiting me. 70% off! Stuff that I can’t get in Singapore!

And should I bum around tomorrow or should I bum around?

Go get myself a tan?

Japanese Story

Just caught the movie today and was absolutely blown away by it. I swear that Toni Collette is one of the most underrated actresses in the scene.

A story about crossed cultures, it tells of how two people from two different worlds met, clashed and connected. Well, there are some things that you cannot go through without igniting chemistry between two people and getting stranded out in the desert is one of them. The whole film is just shot so beautifully that you cannot help but be touched. And if you thought Lost In Translation was good, Japanese Story is definitely much more poignant and a better watch.

Euro 2004 – England vs. Switzerland: 3-0

Hee caught the match at Indochine Wisma after the show. Either I am biased or the English team’s passing was really good. The crosses were well-executed and rather fluid and somehow, the players seem to read one another’s minds well enough.

Or maybe I am biased.

Considering that I am most familiar with EPL, most of the other teams like Greece and Russia can be made up of Martians with two heads and five (sexy) butts for all I know. So when I watch matches with players that I am not particularly interested in, the element of excitement is simply not there.

But tonight, I yelled when Rooney scored twice. Punched my fists into the air when Owen missed a couple of chances. And got really annoyed with the crappy techno music that was blasting out of Aquadisiac (it was so irritating, I detest techno). Hmm, yah, I’m a tomboy.

Am so glad that the finals are held one day before we fly off.

Life is indeed good.

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