The organised chaos

I love

Sleeping in on a rainy morning. Sitting snugly in bed with a good read. My iMac. Watching Sex and the City. Dancing under the skies with a light drizzle. Singing. Purchasing something I covet at a bargain price. The feeling of silk on my bare skin. Walking barefoot on the beach with the sand tickling my toes. Mango (both the fruit and the brand). Cuddling with the one I love. Losing myself in the movies. Driving down the expressway with the windows wound down and great music blasting. My mum. My sister. My family. Enjoying a good laugh with friends. Sharing a hug. Victoria’s Secret lingerie. Giggling and flying through the air on a swing. Being in love. Plugging into my iPod. Exchanging fleeting kisses with my boyfriend. Trying on clothes. Taking photographs that turn out to be beautiful. Singing abysmally in the car. Lying on my bed and doing nothing. Talking on the phone late at night with my loved ones. Walking down the street arm-in-arm with my best friend. The feel of my nephew’s little puckers as he kisses me on the cheek. Slurping up delicious chocolate at Max Brenner’s. Catching a wonderful piece of theatre. Winning a competition. Swimming in cool waters while the sun is mellow in the sky. Holding hands with my boyfriend. Trading insults with my best friend and knowing that we only do it because we love each other. Reading the newspapers. Singing karaoke. Getting a massage from Yokie. The elation of a completed download on Bittorrent. Crying over the reel life, such as when Anna left the OC. Aragorn and The Lord of the Rings. Making believe that I truly live in the magical world that Harry Potter inhabits. Hearing the Squirt giggling and gurgling over some inane nonsense. Watching planes take off and wondering what the passengers are thinking of. Seeing the sun set in a blaze of glory. Being pleasantly surprised. Pretending that I am Carrie in her fabulous clothes. Tiffany & Co’s Lucida diamond ring. Vintage dresses. Travelling. The feeling of my boyfriend’s arms around me. Eating bak kut teh at Balestier. Being me. Hawaii. Playing The Sims. Making people laugh. The thrill of looking down from a cable car. The Evenstar. Being loved.

And last but not least, I love him.

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