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A Conversation

She asked, over ICQ, “i dun understand… how come u love each other but still broke up?”

I said that it was a long story.

She then said she wanted to hear it.

And so I told her. Not every itsy bitsy detail but a summary of our four-and-a-half years of history. Reasons why we split. Reasons why we decided to give it another shot.

Her response was, “Oh.”

And then, “isn’t it painful to breakup when u still loved each other?”

I said, yes, it had been painful.

She was so adorable when she said, “u all two so silly la.”
And then, “but we prefer seeing u with jimmy.hah.”

I’m glad she asked and I wished it had been as simple as she had made it out to be. But it wasn’t. No matter what, I hope that she will remain as optimistic and innocent as she is now when it comes to love.

I don’t know what this looks like to the people who are looking in on us and our situation, but as Terr says, only people who care about you will want to know the reasons and the circumstances before passing on judgment. And so, I am contented that my friends cared enough to know why I did what I did. Once they heard what I had to say, they told me, “As long as you are happy.”

Thank you. You know who you are (yes, Hucks, this includes you).

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2 thoughts on “A Conversation”

  1. yupz yupz..that’s wat frens are for..
    i’m really happy to see the both of u back together…and i’m sure it’s gonna be really blissful from now on…probably something like what i’m feeling now..bwahahahaha


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