The organised chaos

Hello from Bremen

Location: Bremen, Germany.

Weather is really cool here. It keeps raining but when the skies are clear, it really is beautiful.

Am very happy with Chorale’s results so far. We topped the qualifying rounds for the two categories that we competed in and are actually in the finals. It’s been a long wait.

Am talking nonsense now…..lack of sleep. Our hotel room seems to be infested with ghosts making tonnes of weird noises that nobody else hears. Or are we hallucinating? Hee. But the lifestyle here is great. All we do is eat, sing, shop and sleep. No worries, nothing. How I wish my life can be like that all the time.

Miss home a little, but mostly it’s the food and the people. First thing I am going to get when I get off that horrendous flight is to grab a pipping, hot cup of teh tarik.

Alright, tomorrow morning is the finals for Folklore A Cappella. Wish us luck in getting that Olympic GOLD!

2 thoughts on “Hello from Bremen”

  1. good luck too! bremen sounds familiar… the musicians of bremen! that was my favourite fairy tale once. must be a really nice place. 🙂


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