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I like the new iPod!

My list of objects of desire just grows longer and longer.

For now, the must-have is this – The fourth generation iPod. It has not only lost some weight but also gone for a mini makeover, with its user interface similar to that of little sister, the iPod Mini (available in five yummy colours). Gone are the four buttons below the screen, having been replaced by the click wheel design. But one thing it has retained is its snowy white shell, rendering it a perfect match with my baby iMac.

Not convinced?
Here’s a look at the most gorgeous thing on my wish list currently (birthday present for me, anyone?). Picture shamelessly pilfered from the boyfriend (I mean, he’s better at Photoshop).

Unfortunately, just as soon as this beautiful vehicle of music has been released, word came that Singapore’s Creative Technologies has unveiled their newest gadget to rival the iPod – the Creative Zen Touch.

As a former lecturer used to lament, whenever Singapore tries to boast about our so-called “entrepreneurship” spirit, the first person we would mention is Sim Wong Hoo as he is one of the few belonging to this rare species. I applaud him for his innovation and go-getter attitude, traits that are absent in many Singaporeans nowadays. But blatantly copying the iPod idea seems to be a little pretentious to me.

“Creative plans to change all that with its Zen Touch player, which will look and work much like its widely-praised competitor: it comes with a pearly-white casing and touch-controls.”

Hmm, whatever happened to creativity then?

What’s Playing on iTunes
Lazy Days – Leona Naess from “Music From the O.C. [UNOFFICIAL SOUNDTRACK]” by Various Artists