Facets of my Choir Olympics experience

Finally uploaded all the photos of Germany.

As I was going through them, there was a slight sense of time displacement. It was almost as if the event happened many moons ago, instead of just two weeks back.

Choir Olympics 2004 ~ Hamburg: Sightseeing at Hamburg charts our journey from Singapore to Hamburg and the two days that we spent there.

Choir Olympics 2004 ~ Bremen: The Sights & Sounds of Bremen showcases Bremen, outside of competition.

And lastly, Choir Olympics 2004 ~ Competition Days is everything to do with competition. This is a fun album, and shows us in our costumes at our very best and worst.

Miss the weather.
Miss the independence.
Miss the lifestyle of singing, shopping and sleeping.
Miss the excitement of competition.

Press coverage of VC at the competition can be found here.

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