The organised chaos

Spacey and woozy

I walked out of my house just now to meet the Squirt for an afternoon of catching-up.
Took a few steps to the lift before wondering what those white labels are doing, hanging out at my side. Realised, to my immense horror, that my top was inside-out.

I need sleep.
I need cold medication.

On another positively inspiring thought, I am finally taking my Basic Theory test today, after four years of procrastination. The boyfriend has promised to let me drive his car should I ever get my licence, but only under his intense supervision.

What if I sleep through the test and flunk it?

8 thoughts on “Spacey and woozy”

  1. so….did u fail ?

    hahah i failed twice 4 years ago..been procrastinating since then too..

    absolutely low morale..failing basic theory twice…how dumb can it be. argh

    fail twice also leh..then we go take the third time together ?

    IDeA ?!!!

    wu liao !@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. idiot….all u ppl trying to curse me rite…..i will not fail (i hope)!!

    and if i fail…..u just won’t hear about it hahaha….


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