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Prelude to National Day

In the name of patriotism, I have just downloaded Kit Chan’s updated rendition of Home from the official NDP site.

I would like to think that despite all our grouses about our home nation, we all love Singapore underneath it all.

Although we do not have total freedom of expression, cannot buy chewing gum without registering with our IC, seldom vote because of walkovers and need to pay exorbitant taxes for our cars, this is still a great place to live in. I love the clean air, the smooth transport system, the very existence of an educational system, the efficient sanitary facilities, the crisp and green surroundings, the variety of food and so much more.

We could ask for more but really, compared to others who are battling poverty, famine and the AIDS epidemic, we are so much more fortunate.

So, what does National Day mean to you?

4 thoughts on “Prelude to National Day”

  1. Maybe it’s a trick question.

    anyway yes I love Singapore and LKY.
    And I think those taxi drivers who complain about garment all the time sld wakey wakey hahaah


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