All hail the Mighty Queen of Wild Fire!

Girlie nights are always such fun.

First, I got to see Ash and her VK in action (too bad, nothing kinky). He’s actually not that tubby. Okay, he does have a tummy but hey, who am I to judge? While people have animals for pets, I have the boyfriend’s beer belly as a substitute. Granted, it’s quite purposeful to have it there to poke, pinch or slap when I get bored. Anyway, VK is not that fat so loosen up, girl!

Inevitably, as all outings go, something will crop up and imprint itself on our memories forever. Last night, the Queen of the Bimbos (who is still single, as she exclaims indignantly) was the highlight of the night.

As she and ~y~ fiddled with their SE T610 phones and attempted to send files to each other via Bluetooth, ~y~ asked if she had her bluetooth switched on.

“Yes, I am turned on,” replies our Darling Queen.

All of us were stunned for a second before bursting into laughter. For a moment, the Mighty Queen did not realise her faux pas and looked at us, bewildered. It must have been the potent combination of the Wild Fire (the aptly-named restaurant that we were at) and HY.

Somehow, being with the girls always allow me to let loose and just relax. Perhaps it’s human nature but I find that I am a different person when I am around different sets of people. And with them, I can really be myself comfortably. I laugh unglamorously and giggle incessantly, not unlike the way I get with the boyfriend whenever we are both in that crappy mood.

Speaking of the boyfriend, let me recount the conversation I had with him while we were on our way to supper.

Me: (talking about HY considering going to China) Blah blah blah….you know the guy that Fur is dating right?
BF: Oh yah, the guy right? Ooh-ahh?
Me: (stares at him for a second before exploding into guffaws) It’s haiyah lah!
BF: (sheepish grin) Whatever.

10 points for creativity.

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5 thoughts on “All hail the Mighty Queen of Wild Fire!”

  1. oooh ahhh!
    hahahahaaha *bursts out laughing*
    oooh ahhh!

    VK is extremely happy (and yaya) that someone spoke up for him and his beer belly.

    You have just scored 10 points for being a nice person on his list.


  2. hey! I’m not queen of bimbos… I want to be the princess! 🙂

    And I am STILL SINGLE *indignance*

    Haha… oo-ah.. that’s a new one.. you’ve got to repeat that to me in person…

    And Yann.. repeat after me.. “Bo.. Jioooooooo”

    hhahaha! I’m incorrigible! :p


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