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15 Completely Random Facts

  1. Women should invest a small portion of their monthly pay in thongs (the underwear kind). A VPL-butt at eye-level on the escalator early in the morning is not a pleasant sight.
  2. Cute army boys, who are neither sweaty nor stinky, do exist in this world.
  3. Aforementioned cute army boys are not beneath flirting with girls who are obviously older and earning less than them (being jobless).
  4. Five toes, miffed at being packed into Nine West heels one and a half sizes too big and still made to walk up and down the length of Serangoon Road, rebelled by promptly blossoming into blisters.
  5. Race of The Century – Ian Thorpe ranks first, followed by Pieter van den Hoogenband and then Michael Phelps. In decreasing order of nosebleed potential.
  6. I need a haircut. Badly.
  7. Fur (who is catching The Notebook with HY now) will make a good mother some day. Her kids should be called Ooh Aah, Wah Lau, Hah! and a various assortment of similar exclamations.
  8. People with Masters in Criminology should stop snatching the ricebowls of poor, unemployed Communication Studies graduates.
  9. According to Julia, there are friends, whom I do not know are reading my blog, reading my blog.
  10. Also in cahoots with Julia, we have decided that men can be stupid.
  11. Men, we admitted, can also be very sweet.
  12. Men are basically boys pretending to be adults.
  13. But we love our men anyway.
  14. Love, as VK wrote on ~y~’s blog, should not be measured by money. Love is when you accompany her home even though it’s already the last train and you will have to take a cab home. Love is speeding down to Esplanade so that she can catch the fireworks display and not be disappointed. Love is when you spend time with her when she is sick.
  15. I am loved!

b>I Fought The Law from “I Fought the Law [Single]” by Green Day

4 thoughts on “15 Completely Random Facts”

  1. awww…. yah you are so loved! 🙂

    What prompted the comment abt me being a good mother? haha…

    oo.. picture this! here’s my first born — oo-ahh… 🙂


  2. when you say ooh ahh as fur’s first child, i picture jim in baby bonnet and pacifier.
    quite a scary imagery


  3. fur – always felt that you had the “maternal instinct” in you! =P

    ash – you think weird thoughts. 😀 does that make fur my mother-in-law???


  4. oh dear daughter-in-law.. where’s my shark’s fin? Birdnest? huh? huh? huh? huh? huh? huh? huh? huh? huh? huh? :p


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