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Munch’s “Scream” nicked from Oslo museum

Amazingly enough, an art piece as famous as Edward Munch’s Scream was stolen from a crowded museum in Oslo, Norway.

According to the New York Times, two robbers stormed into the museum and threatened the unarmed guards with pistols before making off with the iconic “Scream”.

Which does not make sense, really.
This is a world famous painting, afterall. What can the robbers do with it? Hang it in their bedroom wall? Give it to their girlfriends as a token of love? Attempt to sell it without drawing any attention to themselves?

It’ll probably find its way home soon enough.
Let’s hope that the museum learns its mistake and patches up the security system.

2 thoughts on “Munch’s “Scream” nicked from Oslo museum”

  1. wahaha we really blogged the same thing albeit at a diff angle
    haha you were talking abt how senseless it is to steal the painting while i was talking abt stealing it for myself haha!
    anyway i really hope they dont do stupid things like destroy the painting or sth.
    and we even have the same layout of the painting at the end!
    i am more telepathic with you than you to jim and me to aaron hahaahah yay!
    women are still better.
    i am getting sick of men ahaha


  2. got black market mah… i read something like that in readers dig b4, so i’m super knowledgable….


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