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Words that don’t matter

It should be made a biological law that words that are meant to be spoken should run a marathon round the brains first.

Often, people speak without “thinking” and end up making fools of themselves or worse, nuisance of themselves. In truth, as human beings, we are supposed to be blessed with the faculties for thinking. In fact, if we don’t think, we won’t be able to profess our views, thoughts and emotions.

But there exists a species of beings who have rockets in place of mouths. Meaning, they shoot their mouths off, spewing garbage that are not worth responding to. Sometimes, these words are meant to belittle, spite, rib or anger. And sometimes, they are spoken without such malicious intentions but come out meaning the same anyway.

You can laugh it off as childishness, immaturity, impetuousness but really, these are just excuses. If you can’t contribute much with the words that you say, you should just keep your mouth shut until you learn the responsibility that comes along with communication.