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Prudential agents + Singapore Idol = ?

Question: What do Prudential agents and Singapore Idol have in common?
Answer: They both irritate the hell out of me.

Let me explain.

I was walking to a banking lobby from Tampines interchange when I was accosted by a Prudential agent. He was part of the Prudential roadshow, which seems to be a permanent fixture in Tampines now. I was in a hurry and waved him away, saying, “No thanks.” He didn’t seem to get the hint and followed after me, all the while trying to get me to fill up some form. Without looking at him, I repeated, “No thanks.” That bugger didn’t seem to get the hint and continued dogging my footsteps, rattling off some nonsense which I did not bother to listen to. This time, I snapped so loudly that some ladies walking in front of me actually turned around and stared, “NO THANKS.”

Hello, which part of frigging NO do you not understand?
Do I have an “I-like-to-fill-up-stupid-forms?” face?? Or a “I-have-pots-of-money-to-invest-with-Prudential” walk???

And then I get home, only to realise that Singaporeans are a tone-deaf bunch.

I didn’t manage to catch all of the Singapore Idol performances today but those that I caught didn’t leave enough impression on me, except Leandra Rasiah and Maia Lee. Thought that they had solid, mellow voices which had enough power to rock the house down. Well, Singapore made one choice right when they voted in Leandra, who absolutely deserved to get into the top 10.

Felt that Jerry “I’m trying to be Douglas O ver. 2.0” Ong’s vocals were weak and unconvincing. If he had sung his song, “To Love Somebody” to the girl he loves, she would run away, screaming, and hide from him in a cave up in Mount Er-mei forever. It was such a fake rendition, he was obviously putting on a show.

As for Muhammad Taufik, well, his version of “My Girl” was alright. Nothing too fabulous, pretty ordinary. Didn’t watch Nana and Beverley Morata but from the clips shown at the live results show, they seem to have pretty powerful voices but apparently the rest of Singapore didn’t think so. They chose cute over solid. Aww, come on!

I’m beginning to get the feeling that this show is rigged.
Yes, rigged!

In the first place, the performances are not live. I don’t understand why Mediacorp wants to pretend that it is by dressing the singers and the judges in the exact same clothing, when the live results show come on. I’m sure Singaporeans are really media-illiterate people who don’t know what edits and cuts are. But then again, given our penchant for bad-sounding idols, we might be fooled by Singapore’s biggest broadcaster afterall.

Sadly, Joanna didn’t get called back to the Wildcard special. The judges’ choices left me completely flabbergasted.

They actually picked Sylvester “I want to look like Jay Chou and sound like Jon Bon Jovi” Sim and Benjamin “I used to be from boyband” Eio over a multi-talented singer such as Joanna.

Go figure.

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7 thoughts on “Prudential agents + Singapore Idol = ?”

  1. I was shocked when Nana didnt get voted in.
    I mean we all know she is a Malay ah lian, but I certainly think she deserves to be in with her power packed vocals.
    I dont understand why Jerry Ong, Benjamin Eio and Sebastian whatever got in too!
    Yes Joanna deserves to be in the wildcard.


  2. agreed! benjamin god..seeing him everyday in school during poly days was like…cut out that “i’m from a boyband” shitlook on your face. urgh..i can’t stand his nose.


  3. Abby – great to hear from you again! Was wondering where you had gone cos you haven’t been updating your blog.

    Does anybody feel that Benjamin Eio looks like another Ben – Benedict “I have been botoxed hence my face shows no emotions” Goh??


  4. yes he looks like benedict goh ! hahaha no wonder looks so familiar
    ahahaa benedict goh hahaha!
    erm sorry just that really funny…all these benedict goh and james lye people, the long forgotten mini starlets of pathetic channel 5


  5. the judges got something against jo lar..i also dont know why. !@()!_ them :S i hate christopher lee rendition of the Ewan McGregor song but the judges praise him.

    either i am deaf or they are.
    Of cos they are.


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