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Wala Wala on a Friday night

Alcohol is a poisonous evil and should be avoided at all costs.
Maybe that explains why Evil Fat Brat is such an evil person.

Last night, at Gay Boy’s urging, a bunch of us trooped down to Wala’s. He’s like an ardent fan of the band, EIC, and has fledgling dreams of being in a band. Anyway, we pretty much had nothing to do on a Friday evening and decided to make our way to the hip and happening Holland Village.

The place is as dim and dingy as usual but I guess that’s what makes it such an cosy venue for youngsters. However, there seems to have been many changes since the last time I was there.

First, they have implemented a cover charge rule from Thursdays to Saturdays. You now have to buy a drink before you can make your way upstairs. Somehow, I managed to worm my way past the burly bouncer (yes, there’s that too) without purchasing anything by smiling sweetly and mumbling some nonsense. Others were not so lucky, but they were smart enough to get the cheapest drinks available in the house.

And then, there’s this thing about age limits. They are now checking IDs and preventing anyone below the age of 20 from entering the place. All these new rules are supposedly for crowd control purposes and to allow better service.

But based on our experiences last night, service doesn’t seem to be particularly fantastic. Staff were surly and can be downright rude. Perhaps it was due to the surging crowd of people but weren’t measures taken precisely to prevent such instances? It seems pretty contradictory.

Thankfully, beyond that, we all had a good time. EIC was pretty good, as usual, and we all had a good laugh at their rendition of Emil Chau’s Peng You (Friends). Even the EFB was impressed and he probably didn’t know 99% of the songs that were performed. Kudos to Sandy who actually planted herself there for hours to guarantee us a table.

Anyway, back to alcohol.

How the hell did I ingest such copious amounts of that evil? We only had two jugs shared among five people and that was over a span of four hours. I woke up with a runny nose and a throat that was screaming for water.
Oh well, am probably going to studiously avoid alcohol.
Till the next time, anyway.

(PS Gay Boy is not really gay, he’s totally straight. It’s just something he calls himself, oddly enough. Anyway, he’s the only guy I know who can outshop a girl.)

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