The organised chaos

Heavy-lidded eyes

I am tired.

Had a wonderfully sensual dream this morning, where I was surrounded by iPod minis of different colours. They were dancing around me and begging me to pick them. I was just relishing in the joy of the situation when I got woken up by my sister’s shouts at 7.30am.

“Come on! 30 seconds more! Give me more!”

For a wild moment, I wondered what she was doing.
And then, it dawned onto me that the gym-instructor-wannabe was practising her moves for body combat/kickboxing/whatever.
I laid in my bed and willed myself to fall back asleep again, so that I would be fresh and ready to get out of bed by the time the alarm rang. But my rebellious body simply refused to shut off and then just as I was finally nodding off, the alarm I had set on my iMac burst into life and Avril Lavigne’s voice filled the room.

Life’s like that.

5 thoughts on “Heavy-lidded eyes”

  1. achtung – my alarm is linked to my iTunes on my iMac. So it doesn’t “ring”, it just picks a song from my iTunes collection and plays it. Everyday, I wake up to different songs.


  2. EFB – you are just spiteful that your overrated peecee can’t do that and still look as good as my iMac. πŸ˜›

    VK – gambatte! The weekend is just around the corner. πŸ™‚


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