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In a nutshell

Given the fact that I have not voiced my opinions for almost a week, you have to forgive me for the following lengthy entry.

Actually, it’s because I am narcissistic. There, I have admitted it.

The Sims 2

I am a rabid fan of The Sims. I have all the expansion packs and I find it oddly therapeutic to manipulate and order the Sims around. Armed with the money cheat (rosebud), I build the biggest houses and buy all sorts of fancy gadgets to keep my Sims happy. To reflect my support of the homosexual community and the real world, I have gay and lesbian characters.

And now, The Sims 2 is out and it looks way cooler than The Sims. The graphics are impressive and the AI seems more intricate. It’s so popular that there are even blogs set up by fans to detail the progress of their Sims.

Unfortunately, the Mac version is not out yet and it’s making me tear my hair out. It’s annoying me so much so that I am tempted to retrieve my old HP PC, with its pathetic 6GB hard disk and 32MB RAM, back from my cousin just to play it. EA GAmes/Maxis/Aspyr, are you hearing this? Start shipping the Mac version NOW NOW NOW!


Caught it on Friday and although I enjoyed it, I didn’t think it was one of Working Title’s better offerings.

The plot was rather sketchy and the lines were not exactly witty at times. The best thing about the film is actually its cast. Paul Bettany, who really intrigued me as the naked Chaucer in A Knight’s Tale, is completely enjoyable as the loser turned champion Peter Colt. He might not have the wicked gleam of Hugh Grant, a familiar sight in Working Title films, but he certainly held his own and proved that he is not just Mr. Jennifer Connelly. And Kirsten Dunst….well, who can quibble with her?

Anyway, this is a movie that is worth catching on weekdays or on DVD. Seriously.

Other oddities

In view of the fact that there seems to be an increase in cringeworthy blogs out there in the world wide web, I have decided to try a little experiment.

You see, it may be a mere coincidence but I seem to be reading a lot of blogs whose authors take pride in proclaiming their love for their partners. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against public displays of affection. But really, when the entries start going in the vein of “Darling and I cuddled on the couch today”, it’s time to hit the panic button.

While in the car with the boyfriend, I reflected on this trend and came to the conclusion – if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. I proposed calling him “baby” on my blog (sounds familiar, Seppie?). He objected to it immediately and came up with an alternative, which he said reflects reality: “Hunk”. I decided that “Chunky” was more appropriate than “Hunk”. Hence, you will get to see more of this moniker in future.

Example: “Chunky and I went for a romantic dinner at Simpang Bedok today, over neon signboards and cigarette smoke.” Or,
“Chunky was so sweet and loving today. He gave me a massage when I complained of a bad back.”

Let me just go to the toilet and puke.

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7 thoughts on “In a nutshell”

  1. Yo yann babe, it was good seeing you y’day. Really glad u came up to me. I was kinda blur and dazed for a while. I apologise for that! 🙂


  2. Your old PC probably won’t get past the installation screen of Sims 2, let alone play it!

    Proves PCs are superior lah! Go dump ur Mac and get a PC! More games available!


  3. Gerry – hey, it was good seeing you too! No problem about being blur, I probably gave you a shock.

    Hucks – yes, agreed on the “stabs self” part, hahaha. Reading such stuff just makes you want to close the window (or tab, in safari’s case).

    YC – we can go on and on forever trying to convince each other to switch OS….


  4. you know what you can call ur hunk? Chunky Monkey….aka Ben & Jerry’s.

    “Hello my darling chunky monkey you honey you….”


  5. Bad Chunky Monkey, no peanuts for you today. =D

    This is getting more and more ridiculous.

    EFB, stop bumming around and do some real work for a change.


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