Around the neighbourhood

I’ve been living in my current place for the past five years and what others term as “ulu” (hard to reach places) is where I call home.

I like it here because although it is far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, it still provides me with all my necessities within walking distance. Since my camera has not seen the light of day for a while now, I decided to explore my immediate neighbourhood together with it.

One of the places that I like to go to is the topmost floor of my multi-storey carpark. It’s always quiet and breezy there and on days when the weather is good, you could just look up to the clear blue skies and forget that you are huddled amongst high-rise blocks of flats.

I decided to take a walk to a field nearby, where I had seen families with small children picnic and fly kites on Sunday evenings before. The field is almost like an insulated area, and it felt really peaceful and removed from noises and nuisances. I had wanted to take a panorama picture of the good ‘ol neighbourhood but once I had finished setting up my tripod, I looked up and realised that today was one of those days where the sunset would be elegantly beautiful. I packed up my tripod hastily and rushed up to the top floor of my block but sadly, it was no longer the same.

It’s literally carpe diem, huh.

Sunset @ Sengkang

Other pictures have been added on to this imagestation album.

4 thoughts on “Around the neighbourhood”

  1. isnt it the cam angle that’s crooked? LOL
    Diff POVs.

    I like Sengkang! That time I went to my friend’s house in Sengkang, I found the environment very condusive. So damn different from claustrophobic Bukit Panjang which is only filled with ugly flats, screaming Malay kids and their fat mothers, sweaty Uncles and bengs / lians. (I think BP is the ah beng and ah lian core)

    And at least your LRT system is more reliable than mine. Sigh..LRT woes of BP residents, only people living here can understand man.


  2. Oops.
    Some of the weird angles are deliberate, as in, I just stuck my camera out and snapped a picture at random. It’s kinda fun seeing accidental shots looking nice.
    The other pisa pictures are due to the combination of heavy camera and weak arms, haha.

    Ash – actually, I do like living here too. And yah, the LRT is rather reliable and comfy. It IS nice and quiet here most times, excluding last night when this irritating group of people just sat at my void deck, playing guitar and singing song. At 2am in the morning. Guess who.


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