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An Apple a day…..

You know what they say about how doctors are deprived of business by virtue of a mere fruit.

If you think about it, it’s true. Using an Apple really keeps you healthy. No longer will you face heartrending pain when the unsaved document you were working on disappeared into the unknown depths of your peecee because it decided to throw a tantrum and show you the blue screen. Your blood pressure will remain at a safe level because Macs are virtually free from viruses, unlike a certain OS I know. Last I heard, the company manufacturing the substandard OS was busy releasing service packs to patch up security loopholes.

Was at Raffles Place this afternoon (hi Ash!) when I came across this:

Thought it was just so cute, I couldn’t resist.
Kudos to the Applecentres for such a smart marketing campaign.

What are you waiting for? Do a switch today!

Oh, and do check out the fantastic new iPod ad, featuring the fantastic single by the fantastic U2, “Vertigo”.

What’s Playing on iTunes
When I Look To The Sky from the album “My Private Nation” by Train