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An Apple a day…..

You know what they say about how doctors are deprived of business by virtue of a mere fruit.

If you think about it, it’s true. Using an Apple really keeps you healthy. No longer will you face heartrending pain when the unsaved document you were working on disappeared into the unknown depths of your peecee because it decided to throw a tantrum and show you the blue screen. Your blood pressure will remain at a safe level because Macs are virtually free from viruses, unlike a certain OS I know. Last I heard, the company manufacturing the substandard OS was busy releasing service packs to patch up security loopholes.

Was at Raffles Place this afternoon (hi Ash!) when I came across this:

Thought it was just so cute, I couldn’t resist.
Kudos to the Applecentres for such a smart marketing campaign.

What are you waiting for? Do a switch today!

Oh, and do check out the fantastic new iPod ad, featuring the fantastic single by the fantastic U2, “Vertigo”.

What’s Playing on iTunes
When I Look To The Sky from the album “My Private Nation” by Train

18 thoughts on “An Apple a day…..”

  1. like hucks, i don’t get the ad either…

    but i’m thinking of switching to Mac! if only because photoshop was created originally for mac. is it really different from a pc – as in getting used to how the keys are like/various commands etc?



  2. That is not an ad, that’s a picture I took of the giveaway at Raffles Place.
    It’s a box with an apple in it, together with a brochure that lists the six reasons why you should get an Apple. =) The packaging is gorgeous.

    Rie – I think Photoshop in OS X is similar to the Windows version, including the keys and shortcuts. I like doing Photoshop on my Mac cos it’s fast and smooth, even with my puny 256MB RAM. Yes, get a Mac! They are the most beautiful and functional things on earth. Mine is still working wonderfully after more than two years, even though its specs are nothing to crow about these days (700 MHz processor speed). You won’t regret it.

    Advance warning to EFB: DO NOT say a word.


  3. who is EFB? do not say what word?

    I am here to dig for gossips but looks like there is none.

    Gdness, everyone’s not blogging these days except you and me.


  4. macs are easy to use once you get used to the lack of a right click (just holding down the ctrl key works most of the time)…

    OS X is damn pretty… as with most Mac stuff, haha. MSN Messenger emoticons don’t animate though….

    if i had the money, i’d get a Mac for sure. no viruses… lol

    HI ASH!


  5. ash … heh sorry didn’t hear you yell at me at china sq…must be too hungry… 😛

    hucks … can jus get any other kinda mouse to work…i use a microsoft trackball on my mac… 😉


  6. jim: it’s ok! hahah so funny of you to apologize here

    hucks: hi hucks! thanks for collecting my cert for me (or have you not collected it yet? huh huh huh)


  7. what? what? what? Can I say the G5 is quite ugly? If I *had* to be dumped with a Mac I’d much rather have the G4…the one that looks like a table lamp. The G5 looks like it a design from the 70s. I saw it in the shop.


  8. The iMac G5 is not too bad. But I agree…..I think my iMac G4 is much, much nicer! *beams*

    I need a new RAM though.
    Wanna sponsor me??


  9. my stoopid bimbotic sis keeps pointing out cute factors like how her e-mail when she sets our names into the program then we appear in light blue tabs. I quote:

    “i can add all ur names in a group style fashion and ur individual names are in cute light blue tabs..”

    Stoopid bimbo. My Outlook groups appear in bold sans serif font….how exciting.


  10. hucks – don bother … that EFB (aka yc) won’t hear a thing in about the mac…

    yc – wouldn’t you who lurved those jumping icons on the dock?? 😀 no wonder ur sis so bimbotic…and see how she is enjoying her mac now that the lemon has been sorted out …


  11. Rie – agreed, the G5 is a much, much more powerful machine. And the thought of using it with bluetooth keyboard and mouse is just such a turn on! But I still adore my G4 anyway.

    YC – Please….you were the one who waxed lyrical over the bouncing icons! Methinks there is temptation and a change of mind over the Mac.


  12. dun be SILLY lah why would you want to pay a 100% premium for a bluetooth keyboard and mouse when you can get a normal RF wireless keyboard and mouse for only $69 from Logitech????

    Ok Ok fine now that the lemon is sorted out it looks tempting again. but ONLY because of the bouncing icons and the cute factor. Functionality wise PC still better. peripherals galore.

    And I wouldn’t buy the G5. so ugly. hmmmmmm…power…book…..


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