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The women don’t get it

Tired after a long day, attending a wedding dinner surrounded by strangers is not exactly a thrilling prospect. When the dinner is finally over, you look forward to going home and getting a good night’s rest to prepare you for another tiring day. What you don’t need is:

  • a driver who has forgotten where he packed his vehicle, causing you to walk around the carpark three times, before he spots the offending vehicle parked opposite the lift from which you came,
  • a driver who drives round in circles, complaining about a slip of paper which offers free parking but only allows him to exit at a certain location, when what the coupon really stated was to exchange it for a complimentary parking ticket,
  • a driver who does not listen to your directions and insists that he is right, causing you to get home fifteen minutes later than you should.

You: Turn right at the traffic junction in front.
He: (steers vehicle from lane two to extreme left lane)
You: Erm, please turn right in front.
He: (speeds up and drives past the traffic lights)
You: You should have turned right just now!
He: Right? Shouldn’t I turn left?

Then, after you direct him to an alternative route,

You: Okay, just turn right at the traffic lights.
He: Are you sure? It should be a left turn.
You: (thinking – are you the one living here?) No, turn right.
He: No, it’s a left.
You: It is a RIGHT turn.

Look, I may be a girl who does not drive but that does not mean that I do not know my directions. I have driven past this very same route a million and one times and I know my way. Stop being such a male chauvinistic pig.

What is it with men and instructions/directions?

15 thoughts on “The women don’t get it”

  1. don’t you know! men DON’T ASK for directions!
    their ego washes over their brains (which exist in their pants) and there you have the final product – stupid men.


  2. hello… give the driver a break… it ain’t easy being a driver. he could have gotten home earlier too if he didn’t send you home. haha


  3. I thought it was the women who always get lost?

    Man: It’s on your right
    Stupid Woman: *looks left* Huh? where? I can’t find it
    Stupid Woman: I *AM* looking right!

    Yah. Something like that. It’s in Dawn’s book! It’s proven!


  4. *grin* men are bad at directions. they yell at you if you give directions a fraction late (but that’s coz they’re driving too fast anyway) and they yell at you when they hear wrongly.


  5. Eaxctly.
    It’s always your fault when they are lost, when you have already given them the directions eons ago.
    LISTENING is the key here, pal, LISTENING!!!
    Men hear but don’t listen (it’s in the book too!!! I have it!!!).

    Just to clarify, the errant driver wasn’t the boyfriend.
    He’s pretty sharp about directions.


  6. slight diversion…

    what is it with men and multi-tasking???
    always insist they cannot multi-task, ie. killing orcs in Warcraft and talking to you on the phone, YET they always want to talk on the handphone while driving, insisting it’s no problem…



  7. haha men are always finding solutions for their problems, but they DON”T LISTEN. so its pointless. just keep quiet and “enjoy the ride” while they work out their way.

    that way, everyone will be happy and no quarrelling will occur.


  8. Hucks – would have loved to get a cab but ride was offered by a relation and it’s not nice to turn it down. I DID NOT ask for a ride, nor am I too cheapskate to take a cab.

    Dawna – Err….what do u mean by “exciting”?

    VK – Hey, no complaints! My regular driver is very good at driving so most times, I just sit back and wait to reach my destination. =P


  9. Free rides can kill when you know that

    (1) the driver cant multi task

    (2) car langka have to compensate opposite party but no insurance coverage for ownself

    (3) car has NO airbag, NO airbag

    (4) driver always dont know which lane he wanna take

    (5) driver always sudden brake

    My dear friends, now that u know the crisis i am in, pls send me beautiful flower wreaths *sob* haha


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