13 thoughts on “Bother”

  1. Using windows is part of the corporate culture LOL
    so u must adaptttt!

    btw i never knew what job u applied for, pray tell?


  2. I hear somebody’s dream of a cute ipod Mini just came true…

    Must let me play with it. Btw we are going to visit fat kiat this weekend.


  3. what a sick culture it is then.
    it keeps crashing and dying on me!! *wails*

    Ash – Give me your company email add and I’ll email you the details. 😉

    Haha cute iPod mini (did I mention that it’s pink?) might be bartered away to make way for new mobile phone or big brother iPod. Hee.


  4. Hmm….wonder if my employers will get me a Mac if I “accidentally” kill the PC?
    Like, I’m drinking coffee and then….Oops! (cue explosion)

    YC – Dunno. I think it’s darn cute lah, and in my favourite purple/pink too. But 4GB seems a bit miserly. And my nokia is going kookoo on me. We’ll see, Chunky Monkey and I have joint custody (yay!) and we will decide its fate when we get it. 😛


  5. Nono, the real sad world is when your claustrophobic office has NO pantry!!!
    And you know how I snack when I am working.


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