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PC vs. PC

The act of manipulation was most definitely unintentional.
But I am glad it happened anyway.

Finally, after four days of flashing blue screens telling me to change the STP in the system.ini file (does Mr. Gates speak English?), frozen screens and countless hours of tearing out my hair, my old CPU has been banished from my vicinity, hopefully till the end of time.

My colleague MO (who happens to be a fellow VC singer’s elder sister and Nelson C’s “childhood sweetheart”), whom I have just been assigned to work with for an account, was quizzing me about my steely defragmenting efforts. I started whinging about the crappy piece of hardware, detailing to MO that its malfunctions average about three per day. Anything less than three is considered a godsend and anything more, a temperamental and ridiculous evil. It just so happened that the company’s administrator was nearby and heard my every word. She immediately suggested that the offending CPU be changed to a faster system (which makes you wonder why they didn’t so in the first place).

I was overjoyed naturally, images of shiny new hardware floating in my mind. What came out of the unused office was the old CPU’s twin Gateway brother, sharing the same backdated OS. My bubble shattered around me.

But it’s alright, really. The twin does run faster than its inefficient counterpart, who would probably be rejected by even the garang guni man. Can you believe that it only crashed once in the three hours that I worked on it?

The best part of the day came when MO asked me how long a Mac user I have been.
“Two and a half years,” I said proudly.
“How many times has it crashed?” she asked.
I thought. And pondered. And racked my brains before answering, “Once?”
Her eyes widened in disbelief.

Now that I have gone back to using Mr. Gates’ inferior OS, I have never loved my iMac more.

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