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Xbox Widow

At this very moment that I am typing this, the boyfriend is busily flexing his competitive streak and zapping aliens to death.

He, being the irrepressible geek that he is, had literally flown down to Funan Centre the night before to catch the launch of one of this year’s most eagerly anticipated games. All that prior coyness (“Dunno leh, might not go” was his answer when queried) was just an act, I knew he was dying to be one of the first in the world to lay his hands on it. That’s how geeky he is.

So off he went to Funan with the Popartgirl‘s beau in tow at midnight, these two crazy gamers. Mr Popartgirl has a history of queueing up in the wee hours of the night for the sake of a game – he had done so when Warcraft 3 was released, hence snatching up for himself and myself (gift for the boyfriend, obviously) a limited edition copy of the game. Anyway, having gotten the game, he (the boyfriend, not Mr P) decided that chatting up sexy, cyber chicks online while playing it would be a good idea and promptly signed up for Xbox Live as well.

Which is where we can probably find him now, sprawled on the floor like a little boy, with his eyes glued to the TV and his fingers madly pushing buttons. He is merely heeding the irresistible call of his newfound tribe, which consists of him as well. I have a feeling they might not emerge from this cocoon till yonks later.

When I lamented to the Popartgirl about my “widowed” fate, she asked me which rank I am currently at now. My analysis is a depressing one – I think I come in third after his Mac and his Xbox. And that’s an optimistic estimate.

Oh well, maybe I should rebrand myself as the “Gadget Widow” instead.

Update: Actually Halo2 on Xbox Live seems fun. Maybe I should get it too. But I have the lousiest sense of direction and aiming. Bah.