Mood: Depressed. Even my hunky hair stylist who can work miracles on my icky hair has cancelled on me in my time of extreme need.
Listening to: Nothing. iPod ran out of juice. Forgot to charge. Double sobs.
Hate: The cow, who came into work at 12.30pm today and promptly went for lunch.

6 thoughts on “Colourless”

  1. it hangs? haven’t experienced anything like that so far.
    does anyone know if it is possible to turn off the photo-taking sound?
    its like a dead giveaway when i’m trying to take pictures of strangers…

    and yann, pls don’t be gray anymore. hope today’ll be a better day for you, especially since its friday…

    i will save some truffles for you too ^_^


  2. Grey is a lovely colour.
    I shant ask you to feel less grey.

    but lemme give you big huggies *hugs*

    You still look pretty even without miracle hunky hairstylist 🙂


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