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Blackhead Alert

After a few days of moping around in self-pity over “uninspiring” work (as Nelson C puts it), I decided to take matters into my own hands and made an appointment with my miracle worker of a hair stylist, Gil.

See, a hair cut never fails to cheer me up, especially when I have been living with stringy hay masquerading as hair for the past few months. Gil is the equivalent of a best friend in the hair department. I’ve gone to him for the past few years and my previous two attempts at weaning myself off his expensive cuts have ended disastrously. I decided that my experimental days were over and went back to my first love. All I had to do was say to him, “Save my hair!” He looked at the messy bird’s nest that I carried on my head with narrowed eyes and you could actually visualise his brains churning furiously to think of ways to salvage the situation. Finally, he gave me three options – 1) trim and perm, 2) dye the remnants of bleach black again and do a whole new radical look, 3) trim and leave it to grow. I picked option 2, so bored was I of my current style.

After spending three hours in the salon, I emerged a different person. My steps felt lighter and I couldn’t help giggling to Gil that I felt like I was eight all over again. As you can see below, the resemblance between me at 23 and me in primary school is there (anti-clockwise from top left).

The first picture is of me at three – already a grumpy monkey then with eyebags to boot. The next is of me at nine, wearing what could be mistaken for a nuclear bomb mushroom cloud on my scalp. And then there’s me at 12, with a disastrous fringe cut by my older sister. At 19, I was still a tomboy at heart and didn’t bother growing out my hair until I met Gil, who persuaded me otherwise. Then there’s me at my convocation, a mere four months ago and voila! The brand new hair cut!

Went for Chorale practice on Saturday and met with comments ranging from “Cleopatra!” to “So doll-like” to “Are you wearing a wig?” to “You can carry such strange styles off”. Coincidentally, three other people also had their hair cut the week before.

There’s Popartgirl:
and the Evil Fat Brat (who frankly looks the same as before).

Well, I love my new hair! I was a little wary of the fringe initially but Gil has promised to trim it for me for free if I get irritated by it. Anyway, the boyfriend thinks I look good (although I had exhorted the answer from him) so there!

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