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On the tarmac

Today, I finally did what I have been procastinating for ages – getting up at 6.30am to jog! Considering that I get to work late 4 out of 5 days of the week due to over-sleeping, it was no mean feat. Sadly, my fitness level is somewhere down in the depths of hell, I couldn’t even muster enough energy to last for more than 20 minutes and slowly crawled home. Very sad.

On another miserable note, my attempts at flirting with the boyfriend online had failed spectacularly. Since experts are always harping on how couples need to maintain the relationship with interesting and innovative methods, I decided to pose as an interested buyer on the MUGS forum, and sent him a personal message last night. Not only did the (insert rude name) did not recognise my nickname, he even shot me a very terse message back. The irony is that when he was replying to me (not knowing that it was me), we were actually talking on the phone and he said, “Wah, got some idiot asked me a question on MUGS.” Erm, that idiot is your girlfriend.

I am a sad sod.