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No more iPod vs. Zen Micro debate please


It’s true, this silly, mindless debate is almost everywhere.
There really is no need to keep fanning the flames of something that is on its way out.

I am an iPod user. I love my iPod to bits, even though its 5GB capacity is like a mozzie’s bite as compared to the recent offerings, and it’s in desperate need of a crash diet when placed next to its slimmer and more gorgeous siblings. The iPod singlehandedly revolutionized the digital music industry when it was launched and without its inception, the MP3 scene would have been very different from it is today. Its design was, and still is, a gazillion miles ahead of its nearest rivals and its constant reincarnation is a testament to Apple‘s commitment to making it leaner, meaner and better than before.

The Zen Micro is but an imitator. Its design is awful (as EFB puts it, “hideous”) and the user interface a pale shadow of what it was supposed to imitate. But it sure packs a punch with its functions such as built-in voice recording and FM tuner. And I give Creative credit for being able to capitalise on the fact that the iPod lacks such offerings. I also respect Mr Sim Wong Hoo for his guts to take on what seems to be an insurmountable task, by challenging Apple and the iPod so openly and directly.

But damnit, stop running these comparison stories, I’m getting sick of them. The New Paper has run at least two, with the most recent one appearing on Friday. And lo and behold, what do I see when I opened my Sunday Times today? Another story, this time using everyday users to slug it out verbally (registration required, article expires in three days). What’s worse is that every time an article on Creative appears, it’s always about how they are trying to beat the crap out of Apple in the MP3 player market.

Geez, enough is enough. One wishes that Creative would stop stooping so low in its marketing and advertising tactics, by highlighting their David and Goliath fight to gain attention, as much as their efforts are admirable. All these nonsensical iBetter promotions are just not cutting it. And one also wishes that the local media would stop adding onto all these furor.

Don’t they have anything else to report about?

2 thoughts on “No more iPod vs. Zen Micro debate please”

  1. haha! funny enough, i was half expecting to see when you would start tearing your hair out from all that recent hoo-haa over the zen thingy. if you ask me, i think the zen is just kind of plain ugly.

    😀 relak lah, it will blow over soon, i hope


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