When I was 18

When I was 18…
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Inspired by Hucks, I have decided to embrace my previous 18-year-old self and put it out for the whole world to see.

To my left is my brudder’s most (in)famous “ex-girlfriend” (or so she claims to the whole of Arts in NUS). As my brudder will tell you, and everybody who is kaypoh enough to listen, the relationship was just a figment of her imagination, thank you very much. In fact, her antics are his favourite topics to rehash, as most of VC can tell you.

To my right is a budding lawyer, who was recently featured in the December issue of Shape magazine for losing tonnes of weight. She looks really different now. Let’s just say that with her personality, she would make one kickass litigation lawyer.

So what was I doing with them?

This photo was taken on Valentine’s Day in 1999, or what was known more diplomatically as Friendship Day in JC. We were selling those balloons and some assorted knick-knacks to raise funds for the choir. The would-be lawyer and I didn’t sleep a wink the night before in order to prepare for the booth.

This photo was taken by one of my all-time favourite teachers. He used to be a prolific writer but is now busy with teaching, selling Nu-Skin products and conquering the world with his Subaru WRX (previously an assortment of motorbikes).

How I miss those times.